Korrie L Silver

Business Strategist & Opportunity Maker

As a Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Influencer, and Builder of Connections between People, Projects and Profit, I am most passionate about Uniting Transformational Leaders to advance innovation and impact within their spheres of influence.  

My passion for building relationships and meaningful connections are deeply founded in my love for people and the diversity of our backgrounds, stories, experiences and the shared journey of doing life together. I have had the joy of working in a cross-section of industries that spans wealth and project management, real estate, non-profit and of course the entrepreneurial space. This diverse experience along with my gifting in creativity, strategy, and leadership has afforded me tremendous experience and powerful insights into business growth, and both people and systems development.

I am looking to serve and collaborate with difference-makers who may need to get "un-stuck" and can benefit from a transformational approach to business growth and development.